Neubrutalism UI

Punch your users in their eyes with this Neubrutalist Design System

What is Neubrutalism?

Neubrutalist web design often features elements such as bold typography, minimalistic layouts, rough or unpolished aesthetics, and a focus on functionality over ornamental details. It embraces a certain level of imperfection and simplicity, challenging traditional design conventions and favoring a more straightforward and stripped-down approach.

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Neubrutalism often embraces an intentionally "ugly" or unpolished aesthetic. It challenges conventional notions of beauty and deliberately incorporates elements that might be considered visually unappealing or jarring by traditional design standards.

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Clashing colors

Neubrutalist designs can evoke a sense of dynamism, energy, and even discomfort. It disrupts expectations and draws attention to the visual impact of contrasting hues.

No gradients

Neubrutalism reinforces its emphasis on minimalism and straightforwardness. This approach aligns with the overall objective of challenging traditional design norms and rejecting excessive embellishments or decorative elements.


NeuBrutalism examples

Approach of this project

This project will be a web app where you can preview the components and copy the HTML/JSX code with TailwindCSS classes, instead of installing a npm library.

More details in the future.

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